FNM Streets of New Capenna GAME DAY!

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Date(s) - 20/05/2022
18:00 - 23:00

Slice N Dice


Its time for GameDay! We run a draft like every friday, BUT this one is special with extra prizes and promos supported by Wizards of The Coast.
Event: Booster Draft
Price: 200kr
Product: 3 draft booster packs
Format: Booster Draft, Swiss, 3 rounds (4 rounds if there are more than 8 participants)
Prize Structure:
Winner – All-Seeing Arbiter
Top2 – Foil Promo Pack
Top3 – DragonShield Life Ledger
Top5 – Promo Pack
Top8 – Skyclave Apparition Promo
Participation – Power Word Kill Promo
Der er 16 pladser, så skynd dig at meld dig til.


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