FNM Double Masters 2022 Launch Party

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Date(s) - 08/07/2022
18:00 - 23:00

Slice N Dice


Drafting Double Masters 2022

Drafting is twice as exciting in Double Masters 2022, as it allows players to draft two cards when they open a new pack during the drafting period of the event. After that, they select one card until it’s time to start the next pack.

This gives all the players who come to draft even more opportunities to pick out the cards they want to collect right from the beginning and gives competitive deck builders more flexibility in developing a play strategy.

Event: Launch Party Double Masters 2022 booster draft
Price: 400kr
Product: 3 draft boosters
Format: Booster draft, Swiss, 3 rounds (4 rounds if there are more than 8 participants)
Time: 50 minutes (+overtime) drafting and deck building, 50 minutes (+overtime) per round
Prize structure:  A pool  of 1 draft booster per participant awarded to top half of the participants.
There are 16 seats, so hurry and sign up.


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